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Welcome to this amazing, fulfilling, exhausting, and sometimes frightening journey. Wherever you are right now, know that it’s okay. You might feel completely overwhelmed. You might be so tired you absolutely can’t put a coherent sentence together. You might feel excited and loving. You might also feel anxious, depressed, sad, or empty. It’s all okay. It’s okay AND sometimes it helps to have some guidance.

Entering into parenthood doesn’t go smoothly for everyone. In fact, it’s pretty rare for women and men to take their new role of “parent” completely in stride. What an identity shift it is! Your life, and if you have a partner, their life, has been turned upside down and redefined. In order to be the best parent you can be, it is essential for you to take care of yourself. This self-care does not always come naturally to people and so it becomes easy to feel worn down.

I’m here to help you adjust to this journey, as a therapist and a relatively new mom myself. Working together, we can identify the challenges you’re facing as a new parent and discuss solutions and strategies for coping with life’s stresses so you can be the parent your little one needs. Click here to see a list of my current services.

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